Forest Fantasy's music can now be downloaded!

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Forest Fantasy's music can now be downloaded!

Application description

"Forest Fantasy" is a different world fairy farming simulation to develop a mobile tour, in this world full of magic and wonderful, you will be weaving dream village as the new village chief, lead the goblins to rebuild the village, so that the village becomes prosperous and beautiful again! The village head can spend a leisurely daily life with the goblins, enjoy a relaxed and pleasant farming time together, and build the ideal village that is still far away!

Leisure farming happy harvest

Work together to achieve full harvest! In this casual world, you will meet all kinds of lovely goblins! As a native of a different world, the goblins will be under your leadership, using a variety of wonderful magic to cultivate the field, you can partner with these goblins, together in the different world to show their skills, enjoy the fun of planting vegetables.

Home decoration is free and easy

Style variations make what you want! In this small village, you can freely design your home and create your own village and hut! At the same time, you can make a DIY face pinch according to your own taste and preferences, thousands of styles you choose, only think, no can't do! Build your own creative home with goblins and make your dreams come true.

Easy socializing and partying together

Friends meet happy together! Visit with friends to form a bureau, find fun together! In the tree hole, people can tease each other, exchange specific crops, and visit friends' cabins late at night to talk. You can also co-operate the chamber of commerce to create your own special products! Together in this harmonious village, easy social, double happiness!

You never have time to touch a fish

Play with variety of gameplay! Every day, you can collect leprechauns, and there are friends trade challenges to bring surprises and fun to your village life. In your spare time, you can be a fishing expert and team up with friends to fish. With the automated production function of the village, you can free up your working time and enjoy the fun of fishing freely.

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